Whether it’s at the White House or in the Wilson Building, recent events demonstrate that the most precious asset a government can hold is the public’s trust. Public officials need to hold themselves to a high standard in order to safeguard – or in the Council’s case, regain – that trust.

For me, that starts with how I’m running for the job: I am proud to be the first candidate in D.C. to participate in the Fair Elections program. That’s how you’ll know that no one is buying my favor, because my campaign will be powered by small-dollar donors and regular D.C. residents. PACs and corporate interests need not even try.

Further, if I am elected as your councilmember, I pledge to:

·       hold no outside job and support amending the Home Rule Charter in order to prohibit future councilmembers from doing so;

·       decline to establish a Constituent Service Program and support efforts to ban their existence; and

·       foreswear the perks that allow councilmembers to park in ways that would be illegal for ordinary citizens.

 While there are nuanced arguments to be made for both outside employment and Constituent Service Programs, the recent specter of quid-pro-quos and conflicts of interest necessitate clear-cut reforms to restore integrity to the District’s legislative process. We must ensure that councilmembers are avoiding even the appearance – much less the reality – of impropriety.