Washington Blade Op-Ed: Kennedy for Ward 2 Council seat

Dupont Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Mike Silverstein, the longest-serving ANC in Ward 2 and a longtime leader in the LGBTQ community, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Blade about why he’s backing Patrick’s campaign for councilmember.

In a city of talkers, Patrick is a listener. In a city of too many self-promoters, Patrick is self-effacing. Above all, in a city too often divided, Patrick is a uniter. Whether he agrees with you or not, he will treat you with respect. He will give your argument fair consideration, take it into account, and sometimes he might even change his mind.


I first met Patrick in November 2012, days after he was first elected ANC Commissioner and before he was sworn in. D.C. Public Schools had just announced plans to close Francis-Stevens Educational Campus, and this 21-year-old GW undergrad became involved in the successful effort to save the school, quickly becoming part of our leadership team. Today, FSEC is School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens, and is a DCPS success story with a waiting list of more than 900.


Patrick’s leadership on contentious issues such as GW Hospital’s application to build a helipad and plans for a protected bike lane on 21st Street has been nothing short of remarkable. Both issues had turned neighbor against neighbor, and yet Patrick Kennedy managed to find consensus, and, in the end, he gained the respect of everyone.


Read the full piece in the Washington Blade.

Georgetown Metropolitan: ANC Commissioner Backs Kennedy for Ward Two

Joe Gibbons, Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner who served as chair of the commission last year, endorsed Patrick in the Georgetown Metropolitan:

Patrick Kennedy is the Ward 2 Councilmember We Need

As the former Chair of ANC2E and a Commissioner now in my second term, I am supporting Patrick Kennedy to be the next Ward 2 Councilmember.


I first got to know him when I was reaching out to neighboring ANCs as a new Commissioner and ANC2E Chair back in 2017. Patrick was then, at the ripe old age of 25, a steady hand at the helm of the Foggy Bottom ANC (as he had been for several years).


Whether the topic was residential quality of life concerns, school issues, working with businesses, or thinking through transportation solutions…I found Patrick to be a collaborative, thoughtful partner across neighborhood boundaries and someone with a positive vision for the ward.


I know that with Patrick, we will have a councilmember who understands the nuances and unique concerns of Georgetown and other neighborhoods in Ward 2. He always wanted to know more about the issues facing Burleith, Georgetown and Hillandale, and has worked with me and my colleagues numerous times over the years to make sure that our ANCs acted in harmony on issues of common interest.


Read more at the Georgetown Metropolitan.

Patrick Kennedy, Foggy Bottom Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and Ward 2 Community Leader, Announces Campaign for Ward 2 Council Seat


Contact: Marina Streznewski, press@patrickforward2.com

Washington, DC - Today, ANC 2A01 Commissioner Patrick Kennedy filed paperwork with the Office of Campaign Finance to seek the Democratic nomination for Ward 2 councilmember. A longtime civic leader in Ward 2, Patrick is running on a platform of restoring public trust, alleviating the District’s housing crisis, creating a safer and more efficient transportation network, and expanding opportunities for all D.C. residents -- particularly through strong and diverse neighborhood schools.

“Like many residents of Ward 2, I have been disappointed and saddened to read about ethical lapses on the part of Councilmember Evans. I have worked well with him and his staff for years, and I respect his contributions to the District and the ward, but I think it’s time for a change and to have a conversation about the future.”

Additionally, Patrick registered his intent with the Office of Campaign Finance to participate in D.C.’s new Fair Elections Program to amplify the donations of small-dollar local resident donors. If he qualifies, he will be the first candidate to participate in the program.

“It’s critically important for the public to know that their voice counts, that their participation in the process matters, and that the officials they elect are accountable only to them. Enrolling in the Fair Elections Program is a critical reassurance in that regard, and that’s why I will be proud to run as a participating candidate.”

Patrick was first elected to ANC 2A in 2012, and has been re-elected three times subsequently. He was the ANC chairman from 2014 to 2018, and has served as vice chair since 2018. In addition to serving on the ANC, Patrick has been involved with a number of community institutions and local organizations including the D.C. Democratic State Committee, the Ward 2 Democrats, the Foggy Bottom Association, and St. Mary’s Court.

“Serving for the last six years on the ANC and being a community leader has given me a great deal of insight into the challenges facing the District of Columbia. It is an experience that I will bring to bear in offering my vision to address the challenges facing the ward and D.C. as a whole.”

Patrick earned his B.A. from the George Washington University in 2014, and currently works at CRP, Incorporated, a District-based small business that specializes in management consulting.

The campaign's website is PatrickForWard2.com.