July 31 Campaign Finance Report Solidifies Patrick Kennedy’s Status As the Clear Choice of Community Leaders for the Ward 2 Council Seat

Washington, DC - Following the July 31 campaign finance deadline, Ward 2 D.C. Council candidate Patrick Kennedy released the following statement:

“I’m proud of the outpouring of support we’ve received, including multiple contributions from all eight wards and from every precinct in Ward 2,” said Patrick Kennedy. “With more than 200 D.C. residents contributing to our campaign, and more than 100 of them from Ward 2, we’ve successfully built on the momentum we’ve received after earning the endorsement of half of the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners in the ward.”

Facts about Patrick Kennedy’s July 31 campaign finance report:

  • More than 200 D.C. residents have contributed

  • More than 100 Ward 2 residents have contributed

  • Multiple contributors from all eight wards

  • Residents from every Ward 2 precinct have contributed

  • More than three dozen current and former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners have contributed

  • Contributors include current and former members of the State Board of Education 

Once the Office of Campaign Finance certifies Patrick under the Fair Elections Program, they will release matching funds and a $20,000 start-up grant. The total cash on hand figure will be available soon.   

Patrick Kennedy is a four-term Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Foggy Bottom, running to restore integrity to the Council, expand access to transportation and affordable housing, and ensure every child has a pathway to a quality school. From helping save the School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens to securing safety upgrades for Ward 2 streets, Patrick has delivered for our neighborhoods and will do so again on the D.C. Council. Endorsed by 17 Ward 2 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, Patrick is the clear choice of community leaders.


GW Hatchet: Almost half of Ward 2’s ANC commissioners support Kennedy for D.C. Council

GW Hatchet | Lia DeGroot

About half of Patrick Kennedy’s fellow Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners representing parts of Ward 2 have endorsed him in his bid to replace Jack Evans on the D.C. Council.


James Harnett, a Foggy Bottom ANC commissioner and a rising senior, said Kennedy has the skills and community connections to beat Evans in the election.

“I think at the end of the day, we need to nominate somebody as the challenger to Jack Evans who has a history with the community, has a history of working together to bring projects and initiatives and infrastructure projects to their completion while also addressing community concerns,” he said.


Joe Gibbons, an ANC commissioner representing Georgetown, said he also supports Kennedy’s positions on transportation policy, like bike safety.


He said Kennedy will be a “breath of fresh air in the right direction” for the D.C. community.

“This is a man who’s dedicated his life to public service and not to dollars, not to a salary,” Gibbons said.


Daniel Warwick, an ANC commissioner representing Dupont Circle, said he admired Kennedy’s approach to discussions over a protected bike lane that will run through campus set to be built by 2022. He said that after DDOT officials proposed building the bike lane on 21st or 22nd streets, Kennedy recommended a third option running on 20th Street, which is now DDOT’s preferred route.


Jeri Epstein, a West End commissioner elected in November, said she supports Kennedy because he is “well-spoken and well-prepared.”

“I’m just impressed with his commitment to getting information, putting it into context with the District,” she said. “He’s a very intelligent person who puts the issue, the political climate, the needs of the citizens together and he comes up with a very cogent point of view.”

Read more in the GW Hatchet.

Seventeen Ward 2 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners Endorse Patrick Kennedy for Ward 2 Council Seat


June 24, 2019

Contact: Marina Streznewski, press@patrickforward2.com

Seventeen Ward 2 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners Endorse Patrick Kennedy for Ward 2 Council Seat

Washington, DC - Today, DC Council candidate Patrick Kennedy is announcing that 17 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners in Ward 2, including two ANC chairs, have endorsed his campaign. There are 38 commissioners altogether in Ward 2, including Patrick.

“I’m honored to have the support of so many community leaders who believe in our message and vision for the future of Ward 2,” said Patrick Kennedy. “Ours is a grassroots coalition of change, and I am committed to fighting for our neighborhoods and delivering results.”

“In my dealings with Patrick I have found him to be thoughtful, deliberate, and focused on the issues,” said 2B07 Commissioner Kari Cunningham. “Always willing to listen to diverse viewpoints, his style is both constructive and pragmatic. Patrick represents the best choice for Ward 2, and his approach to building bridges will serve the ward well.”

“Over the past few years I have worked closely with Patrick to progress important issues like transportation access, sustainability, and LGBTQ equality,” said 2B05 Commissioner Randy Downs. “With Patrick as councilmember for Ward 2, the LGBTQ community will have an advocate fighting every day for the lifesaving policies and resources we need and deserve.”

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners endorsing Patrick:

  1. Nicole Goldin, 2A02 commissioner (West End)

  2. Trupti Patel, 2A03 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  3. Phil Schrefer, 2A05 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  4. Jeri Epstein, 2A06 commissioner (West End)

  5. Detrick Campbell, 2A07 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  6. James Harnett, 2A08 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  7. Matthew Sampson, 2B01 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  8. Daniel Warwick, ANC 2B Chair and 2B02 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  9. Aaron Landry, 2B04 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  10. Randy Downs, 2B05 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  11. Mike Silverstein, 2B06 commissioner. Mike served as Chair of ANC 2B (Dupont Circle) from 2009 to 2010.

  12. Kari Cunningham, 2B07 commissioner  (Dupont Circle)

  13. Beverly Schwartz, 2B08 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  14. David Bender, ANC 2D Chair and 2D01 commissioner (Sheridan-Kalorama). David is the Chair of Patrick’s campaign.

  15. Joe Gibbons, 2E02 commissioner. Joe served as Chair of ANC 2E (Georgetown, Burleith, & Hillandale) from 2017 to 2018.

  16. Anna Landre, 2E04 commissioner (Georgetown)

  17. Matias Burdman, 2E08 commissioner (Georgetown)


Statement from Patrick Kennedy: For the Good of the Ward, Councilmember Evans Must Resign


Contact: Marina Streznewski, press@patrickforward2.com

Statement from Patrick Kennedy: For the Good of the Ward, Councilmember Evans Must Resign

Councilmember Evans has failed to account for his actions, has lied repeatedly, and his pending removal from the Finance Committee chairmanship makes him unable to serve and deliver results for the residents of Ward 2. As evidence of corruption mounts by the day, capped by this morning's FBI raid, there is only one possible takeaway: It's time to resign.

I urge him to finally put his constituents' interests above his own and resign before the Council's summer recess, to diminish the effect of Ward 2 losing its representation on Council -- because for practical purposes, it already has.

Statement From Patrick Kennedy in Response to Latest Developments in Jack Evans Ethics Scandal


Contact: Marina Streznewski, press@patrickforward2.com

Statement From Patrick Kennedy in Response to Latest Developments in Jack Evans Ethics Scandal

Washington, DC - In response to news that Councilmember Jack Evans announced his resignation from the Metro Board in the wake of evidence that he used his public position for personal gain, Ward 2 Council candidate Patrick Kennedy released the following statement:

"I called for Councilmember Evans to step down from the Metro Board a month ago, and what has been revealed this week about the exact nature of his unethical conduct at WMATA is even more disturbing than I had imagined. His resignation from the Board is necessary, but not sufficient.

"Councilmember Evans needs to present compelling exculpatory evidence to refute the findings made by the law firm in the WMATA report, or he needs to resign from his Council seat. His actions as a Metro Board member bear directly on his Council duties, since he is the Council's principal representative on that body. 

"In any event, it's very unlikely that the pattern of unethical behavior described in the memo was isolated to his role at WMATA, which is why at minimum it is imperative that the Council investigate his actions more generally  -- something it should have initiated months ago.

"Separately, I find the actions taken by Corbett Price to attempt to cover up and whitewash the WMATA investigation to be completely unacceptable. He should no longer be on the Board.

"Metro is too important to the District of Columbia and Ward 2 specifically for our elected leaders to tolerate the shocking display of governance breakdown, venality, and incompetence on display with its Board of Directors."